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Google fined 2.42 BN Euros

Google has just been fined by the European
Commission for antitrust violations regarding its Google
Shopping service. It is definitely the largest antitrust
case in Europe within the last decade.

Since Google’s revenue for 2016 was about 79 BN
Euros, the fine will diminish the company’s profits by
about 3%.

According to the E.C. report, Google has featured is
shopping service prominently, close to the top of its
search results. Also, the competitors’ shopping
services weren’t given proper exposure, because of
several tweaks in Google’s search algorithm, which
didn’t apply to the Google Shopping service as well.

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By the looks of it, the 2.4 GHz band is here to stay, because the 5 GHz band
isn’t able to deliver a decent signal range. But the old band is getting more
and more crowded, as manufacturers release new gizmos (many IoT devices,
for example) that utilize the good old 2.4 GHz band. This means that, at
least in theory, Wi-Fi speed is constantly decreasing!

There are various solutions which are supposed to extend Wi-Fi signal
range, and some of them work OK. People who want to carry their laptops
around use all sorts of u.fl cables and adapters, replacing their tiny internal
Wi-Fi antennas with external ones.

New versions of the 802.11b protocol are released each year, having the
same goal: Wi-Fi speed improvements. But if we are honest, we have to
admit that the technology has already hit its limits, and many people are
now considering moving back to wired connections.

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Infrared beams will replace Wi-Fi
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